“Love Yourself First” Limited Edition Nathalie Collab Collection

“Love Yourself First” Limited Edition Nathalie Collab Collection:

1 x Three Step Radiant Treatment 
1 x Bamboo Bath Robe

    Indulge with our Three Step Radiant treatment. Give your skin the glow it deserves with instant results. Exfoliates, replenishes, hydrates, plumps, firms, lifts and tackles a range of skin concerns.

    Nathalie’s signature decorative floral styled print. Let your skin breathe slip into our ultra-soft comfortable and stylish bamboo robe. With a tie tunnel waist and two deep pockets.

    Made from 100% natural material containing protein fibres filled with essential amino acids. Natural fibres soak up sweat. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, resistant to dust and mites. Greatly benefits those suffering from skin allergies, eczema and asthma.

    Our bamboo products and laser printed design. Making it fully sustainable and caring for our planet just as you do.


    Our THREE STEP RADIANT TREATMENT helps you to see results you’ve been longing for. A true mini facial. Full of antioxidants, healthy acids and natural extracts deliver a supercharged and highly concentrated treatment.

    What makes our formula so unique?

    We have 3 types of ampoules in our treatment. REMOVE, REVIVE and RELIFT. Each ampoule is boosted with a minimum of 3 active and 6 natural ingredients with optimal dosage. REMOVE has three combinations of skin renewing acids. The treatment starts to work immediately on application, helping to replenish and hydrate, leaving your skin feeling visibly plump, firm and lifted. Our products are clinically endorsed to enhance the radiance of the skin with consistent use.


    Made from 100% natural material containing protein fibres filled with essential amino acids. Promoting all over glowing skin. Incredibly cool-to-the-touch and highly breathable. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, resistant to dust and mites. Will greatly benefit to those suffering from skin allergies, eczema, and asthma. Natural fibre soaks up the sweat. Its is odourles, vegan and sustainable.

    We understand that many people suffer from hot flashes, night sweats, which is why we added bamboo sleepwear to this collaboration.

    Size: One size fits all.

    Materials: 50% Bamboo 50% Cotton

    Care Instructions: Machine wash cold with your favourite environmentally friendly detergent and hang to dry.



    “Just to let you know I have used your gorgeous products. They are fantastic!
    My skin feels so much smoother and brighter, just what I needed”
    Pattie L, @pattielomas

    "My skin with no make up (only got make up on my brows) after using my Entwine Ampoules. It made my skin feel amazing and step 3 smelled sooo good! Can's wait to get some more. 100% recommended, high quality facial at home" 

    "I really enjoyed the whole experience of using the ampoules. Something I haven't used before so that was really nice and felt more luxurious! Also my skin was super glowy instantly during the evening that I used the products, and even more so in the morning! I feel like I woke up with a really calm complexion!"
    Madeleine N. (@madsnicholls)

    “Thank you so much for yesterday, my skin feels amazing I can’t stop touching my skin it’s so silky smooth!”
    Reneé Shanay

    "Thank you for the treatment, it was very relaxing. Both my partner and I said our skin feels hydrated, this was definitely needed. I like the instant glow it gives you, and my partner is thinking about having another one :)"


    "I used the skincare trio last night and I love them! Honestly, my skin has never looked so healthy and glowy. I was skeptic about it as I'm very fussy with skincare but wow!!"
    Chloe C. (@chlochats)

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