Your very own professional travelling or instant facial treatment. Our creative box, supporting your skincare regime. It feels, looks and works no matter where you are or need to go.

  • Step 1. Slide out inner box. Whether rushing to a meeting, an event or flying out. Never miss out on keeping your skin cleansed, hydrated and feeling young.

  • Step 2. Fold along the line. Small and easy to carry. A simple fold and slot system to store your supercharged treatments.

  • Step 3. Remove the face mitt, not forgetting to read our message. Push out tabs, insert into slots on opposite side.



Our good to the planet and to the people face mitt. Is reusable and hygienic. Helps eliminate the use of single use wipes with professional results.

Unique tear drop shape, with its fine fibre’s and entwine band. Perfect for mitt control, those hard to lift make up, pores and areas.

Effortlessly removes make up and impurities, yet so gentle and easy.

Created with double sided maximum usage. Turn the Entwine band inside out and push through with apex of the mitt.

Perfect for all skin types. Machine washable.

Our polyester face mitt has better resistance to germs than cotton. Cotton has a cellulosic origin which is similar to glucose and hence can act as a food for germs to thrive on whereas polyester has a synthetic origin. Polyester also has less moisture content than cotton which is one more reason for it to have better anti-microbial properties.